The Best Fabric Shavers For Cashmere

Cashmere jumpers are expensive and you want to make sure they’re looking their best whenever you wear them. With the right equipment and with a little bit of time and effort you can keep your cashmere jumpers looking like new.

In this guide to the best fabric shaver for cashmere, you’ll learn:

  • What pilling on cashmere is
  • How to use a fabric shaver on cashmere
  • Some recommendations for the best fabric shaver for cashmere
  • And, much more…

Cashmere Jumpers

The Best 5 Fabric Shavers for Cashmere

Steamery Pilo Fabric Shaver

If you’re into Scandinavian minimalist design that delivers on quality, the Steamery Pilo 2 is the fabric shaver for you. You can maintain your wardrobe and those favourite jumpers in style with its minimalist design, efficient blades and rechargeable battery. The most expensive and, dare I say it, desirable model available on the market truly delivers by efficiently removing bobbles and pilling from all kinds of fabrics.

What we like:

  • The design, styling and unique looks
  • Rechargeable with cable included
  • Compatible with all types of fabric
  • Easy to use

We also have an in-depth review of the Steamery Pilo Fabric Shaver if you're interested in finding more about what this brand has to offer.

Steamery Pilo Fabric Shaver

Mugensa Mach5 Fabric Shaver

Whilst at the top of the market price-wise, the Mach5 from Mugensa is one of the most powerful and efficient fabric shavers available today. With over 3 hours of shaving time on a single full charge and with 5-speed settings, that are adjustable depending on the fabric being shaved, this is a fantastic option for anyone looking to efficiently remove pilling from sweaters.

What we like:

  • Over 3 hours of shave time for each full charge
  • 5-speed options depending on the fabric being shaved
  • LED display6 blade cutters making it extremely efficient
Mugensa Mach5 Fabric Shaver

Upinmoer Fabric Shaver

A well-rated and reviewed lint remover on Amazon. An innovative dual-faced design and powerful 2-speed motor allow this fabric shaver to be used on all fabric types.

What we like:

  • Dual-faced design provides good fabric coverage
  • 2-speed motor gives variable speed option
  • Can be uses on all fabric types
  • Easy-to-remove lint bin
  • 2 hour charge time

Magictec Fabric Shaver

The Magitec Fabric Shaver is a good quality durable product which has the added benefit of having rechargeable batteries which are included in the box. Each 2 hour charge lasts for 60 minutes so you don’t have to worry about charging too often. 

The casing, blades and product are made out of a solid, robust plastic giving you the comfort that it won’t get damaged even if dropped. A very good and robust fabric shaver, but not the cheapest on the market.

What we like:

  • The sleek black packaging
  • The included rechargeable batteries
  • The robust materials and durability
Magictec Fabric Shaver

Conair Fabric Shaver

The Conair Battery Operated Commercial Fabric Shaver is one of the most popular, powerful and effective options out there on market. It's a battery-powered shaver that safely and quickly removes fuzz from fabric without causing any harm or damage to your clothing items such as sweaters, clothing, etc. With its large shaving head it makes quick work even over difficult fabrics like upholstery where some other fabric shavers struggle to efficiently shave.

What we like:

  • Available in 5 different colours
  • Value for money
  • Ease of use
  • Ability to deal with all types of fabric

We have a detailed Conair CLS1X Fabric Shaver review if you're interested in finding out more.

Conair Fabric Shaver

Why does your cashmere jumper start to pill?

Put very simply, pilling is "the formation of small balls of thread on the surface of a material". 

When pilling occurs on cashmere, it can look like little lumps of wool and is formed when cashmere fibres pucker and intertwine.

Where pilling occurs on cashmere, it is most commonly found where the fabric creases or folds; for example, near cuffs and elbows and around the waist area. Essentially, the most used area of a cashmere sweater.

Do fabric shavers really work on cashmere?

Yes! Fabric shavers are great little machines that save you time, effort and money and keep your clothes looking their best. 

However, that comes with a slight caveat. While a fabric shaver won’t ruin your clothes when used properly, there is always the chance that user error (such as not paying attention or not replacing dull blades) can result in a damaged sweater or couch. 

Luckily, using a fabric shaver is easy and straightforward so the likelihood of this happening is incredibly low.

Should you use a fabric shaver or lint roller on your cashmere?

The main benefit of using a fabric shaver over a lint roller is that fabric shavers are simply more effective at removing pills, fuzz and lint from your clothing. 

Because lint rollers rely only on adhesive and manual pressure, they won’t remove a lot of the pills and fuzz that are still somewhat connected to the fabric. 

Using a lint roller also runs the risk of pulling up even more fibers and lint from the fabric, making further pilling in the future more likely. 

Rollers can even be too sticky, resulting in damage to particularly delicate fabrics. Fabric shavers, on the other hand, actually cut the fuzz and pilling from the fabric, leaving a much cleaner, fresher-looking sweater.

Lint rollers are a cheap alternative to a fabric shaver you can use in a pinch, but we don’t recommend choosing to use a lint roller over a fabric shaver. 

Fabric shavers offer several advantages over lint rollers.

Final thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best fabric shavers for cashmere sweaters. Fabric shavers are a great and relatively inexpensive way to maintain and keep your cashmere sweater looking like new.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a fabric shaver damage my clothes?

If used correctly, you shouldn’t damage your clothes. But, for more delicate fabrics such as wool or cashmere be careful not to get too vigorous with how you run the shaver over the surface of your garment as they can snag and pull the threads.

One of the best ways to make sure a fabric shaver is suitable for a particular item is to try it on a small section of the garment first.

Can a fabric shaver be used on all fabric types?

Yes, a fabric shaver can be used on all fabric types that might pill or bobble. They are also safe to use on upholstery, curtains and carpets. 

Fabric Shavers have sharp blades. Can I hurt myself? 

A fabric shaver is designed with safety in mind and whilst they do have sharp blades, the blades are positioned behind a safety cover. As a result, and providing you use the shaver according to the manufacturer’s instructions, you certainly shouldn’t hurt yourself.

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