A guide to the best laundry baskets

Whilst laundry baskets might not be the most inspiring purchase, getting the right laundry basket can make a big difference to how your family operates and will certainly make a difference over time.

Getting the right laundry basket is also very important given the fact that most families are trying to wash less due to the economic situation in the world and the increasing cost of energy. Having the right laundry basket will make a difference.

There are numerous options to choose from; colour separators, liners, stylish designs, and practical designs and choosing exactly the right one for your house can be confusing.  But in this laundry basket buying guide, we’ll help you learn:

  • What you need to consider before buying a new laundry basket
  • The types of laundry baskets available
  • What size and material is best for your household’s laundry basket
  • And, lots more…

The Best Laundry Baskets

The Best Overall Laundry Basket - Joseph Joseph Tota 90L Laundry Separation Basket

Joseph Joseph continually design and create innovative domestic products and the Toto 90L laundry separation basket is not exception. With it's dual section design and well-considered tote bag design - comes with handles to make emptying extremely easy and a rim for ease of placement back into the unit - this is the best overall option on the market today. It's certainly not the cheapest, but the combination of stylish design and well-considered functionality gives it the edge over other options.

There is a 60L option available in addition to the 90L.

What we like:

  • Dual compartments for white and dark clothes separation
  • Removable tote bag with handles for easy carrying
  • Joseph Joseph's trademark stylish design

What we don't like:

  • Fabric construction of exterior and tote bag makes it less than ideal for wet and very dirty clothes.
  • Self-assembly is required


Material: Exterior - 100% Polyester, Tote Bag - 100% Cotton

Dimensions: H71 x W56 x D39.5cm (H28 x W22¼ x D15¾ inches)

Capacity: 90 Litres

The Best Laundry Basket For Large Famalies - HENNEZ 141L Bamboo Laundry Basket

The Hennez laundry basket offers a mammoth 141 Litre capacity across two separator bags giving large families plenty of space for their dirty clothing.With a easy close lid and washable bags this is a great value and practical option.

What we like:

  • Great value for money for such a large capacity
  • Practical features, particularly considering the size.
  • Nice looking design and styling

What we don't like:

  • The velcro used to secure the bags don't line up perfectly
  • The lid closes straight onto the bamboo so can be noisy


Material: Exterior - Plastic, Tote Bag - Linen

Dimensions: 57 x 38 x 67 cm; 1.95 Kilograms

Capacity: 141 Litres

The Best Bamboo Laundry Basket - Country Club Natural Eco Bamboo Laundry Basket

If you're looking for a bit of natural eco style, this bamboo laundry basket is a great option.Coming with rope handles and a linen tote bag for easy removal, this is a fantastically styled option.

What we like:

  • Great styling with a natural bamboo exterior
  • Linen internal tote bag makes for easy removal of dirty clothes
  • Natural and 'eco' construction

What we don't like:

  • Small so better suited to couples


Material: Bamboo, with rope handles and linen tote bag

Dimensions: 30W x 60H centimetres

Capacity: 40 Litres

What things to consider before buying a laundry basket

There are a number of things you should think about before buying your new laundry basket:

  • Your Budget. Prices for laundry baskets can range from under £20 to well over £100, so have a budget in mind before you go shopping and be realistic about what features you will get.
  • The size of your family and how much washing you will have. The size of basket you will need for a busy family of four will be very different than the size needed for a couple. Again, be realistic and err on the side of a larger basket if possible.
  • Where you are going to locate your laundry basket? The type of material your basket is made of and the physical size will be driven by where you’re going to locate your basket. Obviously, most baskets are located in bathrooms, but there are a number of options that work equally well in bedrooms.

Which material is best material for laundry baskets?

This depends on where you’re planning to locate your laundry basket. If your basket is going to primarily be positioned in your bathroom, it’s best to go for a material that can get wet and cope with dampness or steam.

If you’re locating your laundry basket in your bedroom, or in another dry room, you could go for a wooden or bamboo basket option.

Do I need a laundry basket with different sections?

Again, this is a personal preference. Having a basket that allows you and your family to separate the lights from the darks (and even colours in some instances), can make things easier and save some time. You just need to make sure your children are putting the right colours in the right section!

The only thing to mention with separator baskets is that they are normally bigger in size, so bear the space you have available in mind before finally purchasing.

What size laundry basket should I go for?

The size of a laundry basket really depends on your specific needs. How large is your family, how dirty do their clothes get, and do you have lots of mucky sports gear?  All these things should be considered when choosing a laundry basket.

The other size-related consideration is where you are planning to locate your laundry basket. Be sure to check you measure the intended space before you make the purchase.

Where should I locate my laundry basket?

This is purely your choice. Most laundry baskets are located in a bathroom or bedroom, but it all depends on where it’s most convenient for your household and where you have the right amount of physical space.

What’s the difference between a laundry basket and a laundry hamper?

If you’re being very pedantic about semantics, a laundry hamper is what you collect your laundry in and a laundry basket is what you empty the contents of the laundry hamper in, transport it to the washing machine, clothesline, airer, etc.

But, for our purposes, we consider them to be interchangeable and refer to both a hamper and a basket as a laundry basket. 

And Finally…

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to the best Laundry Baskets on the market today. There are plenty of options for you to choose from and we hope we’ve helped you find the right laundry basket for your household.

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