The Best Lint Catchers And Tumble Dryers Balls For Your Washing Machine

Are you frustrated by the amount of lint collecting in your washing machine and tumble dryer? Are your clothes gathering lint in the wash?

If they are, we have just the right guide to help you choose the right lint catchers for your washing machine or tumble dryer.

In this guide, we’ll help you with the following:

  • Understand why lint gathers in your washing machine and tumble dryer
  • Know what to look out for in a lint catcher
  • Select a few options for you to consider
  • And much more…

The Best Lint Catchers for Washing Machines and Dryers

Furzapper Pet Hair Remover

This extremely popular pet hair remover is a great option for dealing with the build-up of lint and pet hair in your washing machine or dryer. Whilst not the cheapest option available on the market today this is well-rated - with almost 40,000 ratings on Amazon - and pretty good value as it comes in a 2-pack. One thing to remember is to NOT use this product with fabric softener sheets.

Pet Hair and Lint Remover for Laundry

With a 4.5 star rating on Amazon this is a great value and effective option for removing lint and pet hair from your washing machine and tumble dryer. Made of soft material so as not to damage your clothes this is a great and versatile option. Simply add 6 to 10 balls to around 5KG of washing to gather hair and lint and you also get the added benefit that these balls prevent clothes from knotting and twisting.

AkoSlale Pet Hair and Lint Remover 

A reusable silicone model that grabs pet hair and lint during a wash or drying cycle. Simply add to your washing load, remove and rinse with cold water to reuse. A great and cheap option for dog and pet owners.

Do Lint Catchers Work?

Yes, they certainly do. Lint can be a problem for the efficient running of your washing machine or dryer and adding these small and inexpensive lint catchers to your washing loads can improve efficiency and, ultimately, elongate the life of your machine. 

What is Lint?

Lint is simply the build-up or accumulation of fabric fibres on your clothes. A number of different materials, such as cotton, linen and wool contain tightly packed fibres, which over time and during the course of normal use separate and form small bobbles of fabric, also known as lint, on the surface of your garment.

What Causes Lint?

More often than not, lint gatherers around the creased areas of garments or on the heavily used areas such as sleeves and cuffs. In addition, lint occurs during the course of washing and drying. The more a garment is worn, washed and dried, the more susceptible it is to lint formation.

Harder and sturdier fabrics, such as cotton and wool are ordinarily more likely to suffer from the formation of lint bobbles than softer more delicate fabrics such as silk and synthetic fibres.

It's always best to check the washing and drying labels on your clothes, just to make sure you're washing and drying them in the right way as incorrectly washed items might cause a build-up up lint in your machine.

Do Lint Catchers also work for pet hair?

Yes, the same principle applies to both lint and pet hair, so you can use a lint catcher or pet hair remover.

And finally…

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