Beautural Fabric Shaver Review

The Beautural Fabric Shaver is a handy, light and easy-to-use fabric shaver with several useful features to quickly and effectively remove lint, pills and fuzz from your clothing and other fabrics. This fabric shaver will remove up to 85% of bobbles from fabric in one pass, leaving your clothing, furniture and other fabrics looking nearly brand new in a matter of minutes. 

We tried the Beautural fabric shaver on multiple fabrics to provide you with an in-depth review to help you decide if this is the right fabric shaver for your needs. 

Beautural Fabric Shaver on Jumper

Beautural Fabric Shaver Quick Review

Here is a quick summary of what we liked and what could be improved for the Beautural fabric shaver when we tried it:

  • The 719NA-0001 fabric shaver will remove the vast majority of fuzz, lint and pilling from a sweater in one go, with the rest of the pilling coming up with one follow-up pass.
  • Beautural is not the most recognisable brand, which is reflected in the price. 
  • Worked very well, exceeding our initial expectations.
  • Good quality construction seems like the unit will have some longevity.
  • The quick start guide and instruction manual was clear and easy to follow.
  • The noise level is in line with most small handheld electronic devices.

What’s in the box?

Here’s what’s included with the Beautural fabric shaver when we opened the box:

  • Fabric shaver
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instruction manual & Quick Start Guide
  • Cloth bag for storage
  • Warranty card
  • Two spare blades in a plastic case.
  • Protection cap

Annoying, no batteries were included with the fabric shaver. This wasn’t a massive issue, but it is frustrating nonetheless.

Beautural Fabric Shaver whats in the box


The Beautural fabric shaver comes with a 2-year guarantee. What does that include?

  • 1buyone products offer a standard 30-day return policy. 
  • Extended 2-year warranty and 90-day refund guarantee is available if you register your fabric shaver using the QR code on the warranty card included with the unit.

However, the warranty is only available to those that have purchased via Amazon. Registering your fabric shaver requires you to create an account and enter your Amazon order number.

While it’s likely not an issue for many, it could give more privacy-minded customers pause.


Just how loud is the Beautural fabric shaver? We measured the sound produced by the device when switched on as well as when used on two different jumpers.

  • 72dB while turned on to level 1, 80dB when on level 2. 
  • Noise level increased very slightly when using it on fabric.
  • Overall, the noise level is what you would expect from a “small” electric device.


All in all, the Beautural came in packaging that was easy to open and not overly burdensome. And, depending on your local recycling program, everything is recyclable.

  • Coated cardboard box - recyclable
  • Paper Instructions Manual - recyclable
  • Warranty Card - recyclable
  • Polypropylene fabric shaver bag - recyclable

Note that this doesn’t include any packing used by the shipping and/or delivery companies.

Beautural Fabric Shaver Packaging


Getting started with the Beautural 719NA-001 fabric shaver was quick, easy and simple. We were able to go from opening the box to removing pilling from a jumper in a matter of minutes.

  • The quick start guide was very clear and helpful with images that tell you exactly what the device should be used for.
  • However, the guide does not explain when or how to use the different speed settings.
  • Clear instructions on setting-up the shaver and when to use the spacer.
  • The battery cap is very easy to take off and makes replacing the batteries quick and efficient.
  • Blades are easy to replace.

Using the Beautural 719NA-0001 Fabric Shaver

We tested the Beautural fabric shaver on two different jumpers, one lighter knit and the other made of a heavier wool. The lighter jumper had pilling mostly around the elbow while the wool one was heavily pilled.

First impression is that the unit is a good size, fits well in the hand and is easy to hold. This is important in helping to reduce fatigue, soreness or hand cramps when using the shaver for an extended amount of time.

The Beautural shaver handle is well-designed in general. The speed button is accessible, making it easy to change the speed setting once you figure out which settings are best for the given situation.

Starting up the fabric shaver is easy and intuitive with an easy-to-remove protection cap and a lint container that’s equally easy to remove, empty and replace. 

The materials generally feel study and high quality, although we are a bit concerned that the fabric shaver casing could crack from even a short drop. The adjustable spacer, which lets you change the fabric shaver height to adapt to different fabric thicknesses, also feels like it could break from a moderate amount of force.

Once you’ve got the fabric shaver all set up, getting started on cleaning up your fabric is straightforward. 

On our heavier wool jumper, the Beautural fabric shaver removed about 75% of bobbles in one pass. The remaining 25% or so came up with a second round.

For our lightweight knit fabric, slightly more the Beautural removed slightly more lint, around 85%. The remaining pilling was a bit tougher to remove on the lighter fabric than the wool, but we were able to complete the job with a bit more time and focus.

The Beautural 719NA-0001 fabric shaver comes with a protection cap for lighter and more delicate fabrics. When we used the cap for the lighter knit we did get the feeling that the cap could easily fall off, even though it stayed in place the whole time.

The shaver handled larger bobbles as easily as it took off lighter fuzz. The shaving head is a moderate size with an average amount of surface area, so it didn’t take too long to finish shaving a whole sweater.

As we mentioned above, we found the speed adjustment button easy to access and press while the fabric shaver was in use. Adjusting the height to change fabrics took a bit of fiddling but was easier once we’d figured out using the plastic spacer.

Finally, the lint collection bin is a good size. We were able to easily use the shaver on a sweater without having to empty it. 

Beautural Fabric Shaver

Is the Beautural 719NA-0001 Fabric Shaver Worth Buying?

All in all, the Beautural 719NA-0001 fabric shaver does what it should: remove pilling and lint without damaging the fabric. It does so without making too much noise, although it’s by no means silent, and helps you get the job done without spending too much time or putting strain on your hand and wrist.

There are certainly fabric shavers out there with more features such as changeable shaver heads, rechargeable batteries and more speed options, but for the price, the Beautural 719NA-0001 is a good value for your money.

We recommend this fabric shaver for anyone who’s a basic fabric shaver for their sweaters and doesn’t need any of the extra bells and whistles for more complicated jobs.

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