Conair CLS1X Fabric Shaver

With over 3 thousand reviews on Amazon, the Conair CLS1X fabric shaver is certainly one of the go-to fabric shavers on the market today. But, what is all the fuss about? Does it really give your old bobbly clothes or sofa a new lease of life? We take a look and will help you decide if it’s the right fabric shaver for you…

Conair Battery Operated Fabric Shaver

What are the Main Features of the Conair Fabric Shaver?

Here’s a quick summary of the main features:

  • Thanks to the smart design it safely removes fuzz, lint and pilling
  • There are 3-setting depth controls for a customized fabric "shave"
  • The controls allow for adjustment for different fabric types
  • A detachable lint catcher is included
  • The handle and grip is ergonomically designed and comfortable when used
  • 2 AA batteries are required, but not included (unfortunately!)
  • There is a limited 1-year warranty

What’s in the Box?

Here’s what is included in the box:

  • Fabric shaver, lint container, battery cover and blade guard
  • User manual

Warranty Information

The Conair CLS1X comes with a limited 1-year warranty. What does that cover?

  • Repair or replacement caused by faulty materials or workmanship within 12 months of purchase. Proof of purchase (such as a receipt) is required and should be sent back with the faulty item.
  • If you don’t have a receipt the warranty shall be from the date of manufacture. How you find out the date of manufacture is unclear, but there are some contact details in the paperwork.


Is the Conair CLS1X noisy? Not really! When measured at an ambient noise level of 30dB the noise level was 70dB when turned on and 74dB when being used on fabrics. This level is standard for fabric shavers and other small electrical devices such as electric toothbrushes and razors, so it benchmarks well.

Using the Conair Fabric Shaver 

The shaver is well designed and is easy to set up and use. It sits in the hand nicely and is comfortable even when used for a long period of time - when de-bobbling a sofa for example.  Turning the device on and off is easy and the large surface area means that you can easily and remove pills from a large surface area.  

The one frustration is that batteries aren’t included as they are with some other similarly priced models. I know this is a minor thing and you are warned that batteries aren’t included, but it’s just an ongoing frustration. Anyway, it is a minor gripe, but please remember to make sure you’ve ordered some batteries or have some on hand for when the shaver is delivered.

The flexibility of this device is where we think it really wins. The three depth controls mean that you can easily use this on numerous different fabric types, from wool and cashmere to synthetic fabrics used for leggings or the like.  It does a very good job on each of these material types removing more than 80% of the bobbling at first pass, with virtually all pills being removed after a couple more goes. Again, this measures favourably with the other shavers we’ve tested in the market.

There are, however, a couple of downsides to the Conair CLS1X fabric shaver. 

The first is that it is a bit difficult to clean, particularly when bobbles of fabric build up around the head. This is mentioned in a number of reviews, so it’s not only us seeing this as a problem. A number of reviewers have used a make-up brush or fine brush to remove this excess fabric and some of the other market-leading fabric shavers include a small brush in the box - perhaps something Conair should consider in the future.

The second issue, albeit not a big one, is that removing the lint container can be a bit fiddly. This is purely down to the overall design of the shaver and location of the lint container - as we say, not a big issue, but something worth highlighting.

Is the Conair CLS1X Fabric Shaver Worth Buying?

So, is one of the highest review score fabric shavers on the market worth buying. The short answer is a resounding YES! It’s easy to set up, is comfortable to use and does a great job of removing bobbles from virtually all types of fabric. It has a big enough shaving surface to cover all sizes of garments and, importantly, upholstery on sofas and armchairs -  in fact, this is where we believe the Conair CLS1X really comes into its own.  It’s also available in green and pink for the style-minded among you. We preferred the green, but that’s just us!

We highly recommend the Conair CLS1X to help you keep your clothing and furniture looking better for longer. Enjoy!

Should you wish to compare with other shavers on the market, we have a guide to the Best Fabric Shavers of 2022 - and of course, the Conair CLS1X is included.

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