Gleener Fabric Shaver and Lint Brush

For those looking for the most natural and environmentally friendly way to remove lint and pilling from clothing fabric and upholstery, look no further than the Gleener Fabric Shaver and Lint Brush. We look at all the pros and cons of this highly-rated lint remover in this detailed Gleener Fabric Shaver and Lint Brush review. For those looking for a broader review of what’s available on the market, we have a guide to the best lint removers of 2022.

The Gleener Fabric Shaver and Lint Brush with the 3 Edge blades.
The Gleener Fabric Shaver and Lint Brush with the 3 Edge blades.

Gleener Fabric Shaver and Lint Brush Quick Overview

Here’s a quick overview of the Gleener Fabric Shaver and Lint Brush, the good points and bad points and anything we think is key to helping you decide whether it’s the right fabric shaver for you.


  • It’s a manual device so doesn’t use any power or batteries, making it a great option for the environmentally conscious amongst us.
  • The 3 interchangeable “fabric edges” or blades make it suitable for virtually all fabric types and weights.
  • Its ergonomic design makes it extremely comfortable to use.


  • It works better on smoother or tighter knit fabrics. It can pull when used on cable-knit or looser yarned fabric.
  • Depending on the severity of the pilling on your garment or the size of the surface it can be a bit of a “workout” to achieve effective results.
  • There have been some reports of the device breaking after a few uses. We haven’t seen this, but understand that it could happen on heavier fabrics or larger surface areas.

What’s in the Box?

The Gleener Fabric Shaver and Lint Brush comes with:

  • A travel pouch
  • 3 “fabric edges”
  • Instructions for use

Recommended Fabrics

The Gleener Fabric Shaver and Lint Brush is recommended for use on the following:

Natural Fibres

  • Wool
  • Merino
  • Angora
  • Cashmere
  • Pashmina
  • Silk
  • Cotton

Synthetic Fibres

  • Acrylic
  • Rayon/Viscose
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Spandex
  • Lycra®  & Elastane
  • Microfiber  
  • Polyamide


  • Sweaters
  • Coats
  • Pants
  • Skirts
  • Suits
  • T-shirts
  • Jackets
  • Scarves
  • Hats
  • Mitts & Gloves


  • Sheets 
  • Blankets 
  • Cushions 
  • Chairs
  • Slipcovers
  • Sofas
  • Car Seats

What features are included in the Gleener Fabric Shaver and Lint Brush?

Gleener heavily promotes the fact that this model can be used on all fabric types from jumpers to upholstery and furniture. This is possible because of the three different types of blades or “fabric edges” that come with the shaver and lint brush:

  1. Edge 1 - Suitable for big and bulky fabrics such as heavy woollens, rugs, chunky knit scarves and heavy-duty upholstery.
  2. Edge 2 - Best for medium fabrics like cashmere, merino, finer wools and synthetic fleece material.
  3. Edge 3 - Ideal for lighter, summer type fabrics; summer knits, t-shirts, silk blends, linens and other super delicate fabrics.

The other main feature of the Gleener Fabric Shaver is a built-in Lint Brush which is great for picking up pet hair and other loose materials which have attached themselves to fabrics.

All of these are wrapped up in a stylish and ergonomic design that not only looks great but is easy to use. The patented design comes with a soft moulded grip that your hands fits around really nicely and has a quick-release button that allows for quick switching between the different “edge” blades.

Using the Gleener Fabric Shaver and Lint Brush 

So, does the Gleener Fabric Shaver and Lint Brush live up to its high ratings? We believe it does and is a great option for someone looking to find a simple to use non-electric fabric shaver and lint brush.

We started by testing the Edge 3 blade on a bobbled synthetic t-shirt. We removed 75% of bobbles at the first pass and close to 90% at the second pass. Given the fact that it’s a completely manual process, we were very impressed with just how efficient it was.

The second fabric was a delicate merino jumper and again the Gleener did a very good job of removing bobbles from this type of fabric using the Edge 2 blade. We estimated around 70% of bobbles were removed at the first pass, 85% at the second pass and 95% at the third pass. You obviously want to be very careful using blades on delicate fabrics such as merino, but we didn’t see any damage, tearing or broken fabric threads at all - all-in-all a nice, efficient and delicate process.

The Egde 3 blade is where we think the Gleener struggled a little and didn’t perform as well as we would have liked - but only on certain fabric types. The Edge 1 blade is designed for heavier fabrics such as heavy woollens, chunky knit scarves, rugs and heavy-duty upholstery.  Given the broad fabric types that the Edge 3 blade is suitable for we tried it on 2 items; the first was a thick cable-knit jumper and the second was a thick piled rug. 

This is where the real difference in performance started and we can only assume it’s down to the Gleener Fabric Shaver and Lint being a manually powered device and not electric. Even with its relatively deep pile, the Gleener performed well on the rug removing 80% of bobbles after 3 goes. Again, we can’t complain about that at all. 

However, the Gleener really struggled with the cable-knit jumper. We definitely acknowledge that it’s one of, if not the most, difficult fabric to shave, but the Gleener really didn’t remove many bobbles at all and actually got stuck and pulled a couple of threads. Providing you’re careful this won’t be a major problem but it is something you should be aware of and, indeed, we have seen a few other reviews which mention this. In addition, on some of the heavier fabrics, the Gleener has been reported to break when forced. In our view, you would have to go some way to make it break, but again, it’s something you should certainly be aware of.

Finally and one area that we think the Gleener really excelled at was removing pet hair and loose materials for the fabric using the Lint Brush. Great if you’re looking for a quick freshen-up before leaving the house!

Is the Gleener Fabric Shaver and Lint Brush worth buying?

Yes, we think the Gleener Fabric Shaver and Lint Brush is well worth the money. It has a number of positives, namely the environmentally friendly nature of the product, the fact that it can remove the vast majority of bobbles from most fabrics and it looks pretty cool too!Overall, it rates really well, works efficiently (with a bit of effort from you) and does the job of removing bobbles from your favourite jumper, upholstery or sofa. You need to be careful using it on very heavy woollen fabrics, but we don’t think that should put you off in any way.

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