Remington Fuzz Away Review

The Remington Fuzz-Away fabric shaver is one of the most popular fabric shavers available on the market. It has a whopping 13,000 reviews on Amazon with an aggregate score of 4.4 stars. Simply put, nearly everyone is using the Remington Fuzz-Away to keep their fabrics looking fresh and clean, and they’re raving about it.

So does this popular fabric shaver really live up to the hype? Can 9,000+ five-star reviews really be right? 

We’ve used and tested this device on a variety of fabrics to help you find the right fabric shaver for you.

Remington Fuzz Away fabric shaver with white background
The internet's favorite fabric shaver

Remington Fuzz-Away Quick Review

Here’s a quick summary of what we like about the Remington Fuzz-Away and what can be improved.


  • Its small size makes it easy to hold, use and store. Since the Remington is so light, you can take it with you wherever you travel.
  • You can use the Fuzz Away on any and all fabric types you might own.
  • The t-blades are nice and sharp so they safely cut away lint and pilling without harming the fabric.
  • Its lint-collecting chamber is easy to remove and empty.
  • The simple design makes it easy and straightforward to clear anything that jams the blades.
  • The $8 price tag! Remington’s Fuzz Away is simply an amazing value.


  • It uses two AA batteries so you’ll have to remember to stay stocked.
  • The small lint catcher fills quickly, especially when you’re using the shaver on larger garments or upholstery.
  • The smaller shaving head means that larger tasks can take a while.
  • Dropping the shaver from even moderate heights can cause it to come apart (although it is very quick and easy to fix).
  • Not the most quiet fabric shaver on the market
  • Batteries not included.

What You Get with your Remington Fuzz-Away

Remington’s Fuzz Away fabric shaver comes with

  • The fabric shaver body
  • One set of blades
  • The blade cover
  • A plastic cap to go over the blade cover
  • The cover for the lint collecting chamber
  • Battery compartment cover

The Fuzz Away does not come with the required two AA batteries.

The shaver itself is made with a lightweight plastic and has an ergonomically friendly shape with a side-mounted plastic power button. 

The blade cover is a bit less than two inches in diameter and is made of metal. It comes with a plastic cap to protect the blades and blade guard when stored in when not in use. 

Warranty Information

The Fuzz Away comes with Remington’s 1-year warranty which covers manufacturing defects such as faulty parts and materials. The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or as the result of normal wear and tear.

Using the Remington Fuzz-Away

So does this incredibly popular fabric shaver really live up to the hype? 

We used the Fuzz Away on several different sweaters made out of wool, cotton and cashmere. And this fabric shaver left all three looking clean, fresh and just like new. 

Here’s one of our sweaters before doing any lint removal:

Grey wool sweater with significant lint and pilling

Note the large bobbles and significant presence of fuzzy lint.

Here’s the same sweater after using the Fuzz Away:

Grey wool sweater with lint and pilling removed

A significant improvement! It looks newer, cleaner and all around better than it did before. In less than five minutes we were able to remove a significant amount of lint and pilling. Here’s the collection chamber after use:

Remington Fuzz Away partially full lint chamber after use

Plenty of room for more if we’d needed it.

Not only was the Fuzz-Away as effective as everyone says it is, it was equally simple to use. The handle is shaped to rest easily in the palm of your hand and the side-mounted power button makes it easy to turn on and off with your thumb or forefinger (depending on if you’re right- or left-handed).

The light weight makes it easy to hold for an extended period of time, which is good because the smaller head means it will take a bit longer to fully depill an article of clothing that a larger model. However, the sharp blades and metal blade guard makes quick work of bobbles large and small. 

The sharp t-blades are also just as good at removing lint and fuzz, which we’ve found other fabric shavers can sometimes struggle with. 

Cleaning the Fuzz Away turns out to be equally simple and easy as using it. Simply slide out the lint collection chamber, tip it into the trash, and slide it back in. The blade guard also unscrews so you can empty out any remaining bits of lint from there as well. 

We had two main complaints about the Remington fabric shaver while using it:

  • It’s not as quiet as other models. You won’t go deaf while using it or anything, but don’t necessarily plan on holding a conversation with someone is a different room if you’ve got it on.
  • It doesn’t feel as sturdy as other models we’ve used. The plastic is light and feels thin when you’re holding it so durability is a slight concern. That being said, we actually dropped the Fuzz Away a couple of times while using it and it’s still going strong. The worst part was bending down to pick up the lint collection chamber that had come off, but otherwise the shaver was unharmed.

We also have been able to encounter more than just a few instances of users complaining that their Remington Fuzz Away had worn out within the first year of buying it.

Our conclusion is that this fabric shaver feels like it costs just $8 but performs like you paid much, much more. 

Should You Buy the Remington Fuzz Away?

In the end, is this fabric shaver worth buying? Is it worth buying over other fabric shavers available on the market?

The answer to both of these questions is a resounding yes. 

Our experience with the Remington Fuzz Away is that it’s easy to use and is perfect for refreshing your wardrobe no matter what fabric the garment is made from. Simply put: 9,000+ 5-star reviews aren’t wrong!

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