What is a Washing Bag?

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Do you get frustrated with the amount of those small ugly bobbles that appear on your favourite jumper after a few washes? If you are, you’ve come to the right place…

One of the best ways to prevent your favourite jumper from pilling is to use what’s called a washing bag so.

So, what is a Washing bag?

A washing bag is a is a small zippered for drawstring bag, which is made out of a mesh or netting type material that you put your delicate clothes in to wash in your washing machine. The mesh or netting allows water and detergent to permeate into the bag and wash your clothes.

Whilst washing bags are really meant for delicate garments a “pro tip” is to wash all of your socks in a wash bag, thus preventing them from mysteriously being lost in the washing machine. At least that’s the plan!

What are the benefits of using a Washing Bag?

There are a number of simple benefits to using a washing bag:

  • Washing Bags or prevent your delicate items from rubbing together and importantly, against corse and rougher fabrics. This will therefore stop them from pilling or bobbling.
  • By using a Washing Bag you won’t have to run different washing cycles or loads for your rougher fabric garments and your delicate fabric clothes, essentially making your washing process cheaper and more environmentally friendly. And who wouldn’t want to do that!

The amount of lint comes off your clothes in each wash cycle will be reduced, meaning that you won’t have to clean and remove lint and fabrics from your washing machine as often.

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How to use a washing bag?

Washing Bags come in various sizes and styles, some come with a zip and some come with a drawstring to close the bag. In our opinion, a zip closure is more efficient as sometimes the drawstring can get caught in the mechanism of the washing machine and snag other clothes.

Washing Bags, normally come in either a mesh or net material. The bags are available with different sizes mesh holes for the water to permeate through. If possible, you should try to go for a mesh or net with as small a hole as practically possible as it will prevent clothes with hooks or zips getting caught within the mesh of the bag.

When purchasing a Washing Bag or Washing Bag pack, be sure to you to get a cross good cross-section of sizes as you never quite know what garments and types of clothes you’re going to placing in your bag. 

And remember to use an appropriately sized bag for the clothes that you are putting in it prior to adding to the washing machine. One of the reasons why you are using a Washing Bag is to protect your delicate items and there’s no point in simply stuffing them into an undersized bag. This will certainly cause your clothes to bobble.

Simply place your items in the bag, zip them up and add them to your washing load. Obviously, make sure that you have checked the laundry symbol on the labels of your clothes to make sure you are washing garments on the correct washing and drying setting.

If you’re a runner or or have children that are continually getting their trainers dirty, one of the additional and less known benefits of a Washing Bag is that you can place your trainers inside a bag and run them through a normal cycle in a washing machine. The bag will ensure that the laces remain intact and they will come out looking as good as new!

What should you wash in a washing bag?

Washing Bags are perfectly suited to more delicate items, but there are a number of other items that wash well inside a bag.

  • Bras and lingerie
  • Jumpers. Make sure you have checked the washing symbol on the label to ensure you're washing them on the correct setting
  • Baby clothes
  • Silk fabrics
  • Lace items
  • Gym and running gear
  • Bed sheets and pillowcases

Do laundry bags really work?

Yes, they really do. If you’re looking for a cheap and simple way to maintain your delicate clothes (and stop losing socks!) a washing bag is definitely the way to go.

Can a washing bag go through the dryer cycle?

The simple and quick answer to this question is, yes! You don’t need to remove the items that are needing to be dried, simply add the Washing Bag to your drive dryer or turn on your drive cycle. It makes the whole washing process super easy and simple.

Final thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to Washing Bags and that you will be able to keep your delicate favourite items of clothes looking better for longer.

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